Affiliate Internet Marketing Tips

Hi, I’m Tom Antion. I’m here to give you a couple of affiliate marketing tips. Now first of all, who am I to give them to you? Well, I’m a guy that makes a load of money every year on affiliate programs. The amounts are enormous, more than you can hardly imagine, probably in the neighborhood of $400,000, $500,000 in a year sometimes. So what I tell you, you can take to heart. It really works. So one of the main programs I use as affiliate program, you see listed at the bottom of this video, is It’s a great shopping cart system which is a perfect thing to be in nowadays because so many people are getting online businesses. You want to get on the bandwagon and be able to give them services that they need that they’re going to keep forever so that you keep getting paid forever. So one of the first tips is find residual affiliate programs.

These are programs that you recommend something once and they pay you on and on and on. So people that I recommended this cart to three years ago, I’m still getting paid either monthly or yearly every time they pay their cart fee. So the cart is so good. This is your next tip is only refer really good things to people. But this cart is so good nobody ever wants to get rid of it. So I refer it once, and I keep getting paid as long as they have their Internet business. Some of the people seven years so far have been paying me every month or every year. So that’s your next affiliate tip, only refer good stuff. Next thing is don’t lump a bunch of affiliate programs all in one page and think you’re going to make any money. What you need to do is make a page on your website that specifically talks about one thing.

For instance, in this case, you could write a little article about the value of good shopping cart systems. We even have the materials that we’ll give to you that could help you with that. And then you put the affiliate link in the article, and people aren’t confused with 40 different things. They’re reading one thing which you’re endorsing. That’s the way you make the most money. The next thing is – and we’ve provided this for you, too, if you’d like to refer this cart – is an eBook. You have an eBook that you can give away or sell that talks about whatever your affiliate program is. So we have one, we’ll give you, How to Pick a Shopping Cart System That Makes You Money. Well, you can put your affiliate link in this book. You give it away or sell the book. If anybody buys the cart through the book, it’s tracked to you, and you get paid on and on and on.

Now I want you to visit this site We also have it on the screen here, and we’ll have it at the end of the video so you can write it down. At this site, you’ll be able to see the actual video inside my cart of the affiliate commissions that I’ve made and how I can give myself an extra $50,000 a year, and it’s been raising like that ever since I’ve been referring the cart. In fact, I made an income myself of at least a quarter of $1 million a year at the time of this recording, and it’s probably going to be $300,000 or $350,000 at the end of next year.

So it keeps going up per year. And that’s not total, that’s per year. So I want you to visit these sites. Check it out. I’m Tom Antion. I can’t wait to see your success stories of you making big money referring shopping carts. I’m Tom Antion. See you around the net..

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